Xenia Marita Riebe – Long live….. Erotic Short Stories


Xenia Marita Riebe   Long live  Erotic Short Stories

Paperback, ISBN: 9-783738-624090

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The erotic short stories of this book develop almost without exception from everyday occurrences. There is, for example, the singing pizza boy Claudio, actually a student of geoscience, who is seduced by two young customers and thus experiences an exciting delivery. Or the painter Antonius Süßmundt, who can’t resist the three beautiful women who are supposed to be his model for a version of the “Three Graces”. The reader also gets to know Prof. Bachmann, a urologist who plays doctoral games with the mother of an infant patient in his treatment chair. A little scarier is the “House of Faceless Women”, where a young photographer makes a shocking discovery. The stories about a bet and the resulting seduction in a sauna landscape and “The Saint and the Cuddly Bear”, in which cuddly toys take on the role of sexual partners, make you smile. In contrast, things get a little rougher in a bed store, where a Danish lady named Smilla tries to convince the customers to buy a bed with erotic tricks, but finally slips into a piquant story.
Ready for the island are the protagonists of two short stories of this book and they are supposed to experience a lot at the place of their dreams. “Hot Nights on Mallorca”, tells how a young woman meets a man with whom she enjoys very varied sex and “Two Teachers in Havana” takes the reader to Cuba. There two pretty Spanish teachers spend an exciting night with an Afro-Cuban singer. Erotic things are also happening at a petrol station in the Uckermark, where the petrol station attendant offers customers a very special service when they are ready to fill up their car.
The stories of the erotic short stories each illuminate a short excerpt from the life of one or more people. This can be only a few hours, but also a night, as well as a few days or nights. People are characterized, places and scenes are described vividly. The focus of the actions is not on the description of the purely erotic/sexual encounters, but rather on their slow development from the narrated events.
Long live the …. Love, Lust, Passion is a book for adults and is suitable for sweetening many a relaxing hour for the reader.

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