Eazy in Need

Eazy`s Place; Dar es Salaam
Bernd, Xenia und Eazy Mjema

Help for self-help project in Tanzania threatened by lack of guests

We urge you to donate!

In April 2018 my husband Bernd and I were once again in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to visit Emil Mjema, called Eazy, who runs a hostel there. The hostel was built and furnished in 2012 with our practical and financial help – also some friends and acquaintances helped with their donations. Bernd created a website and registered Eazy`s Place at all booking portals. Since then he accepts all bookings for Eazy from Germany and hosts the internet presence as well as the one on the platforms. Eazy was a very successful host in 2014, 2015 and 2016. He had many guests and got only excellent reviews. But then something happened that we had not expected and probably could not have reckoned with. The booking portal airbnb appeared on the Internet and gradually attracted more and more travellers. But that’s not all. More and more people offered airbnb rooms in their apartments for rent worldwide. Unfortunately also in Dar es Salaam. That’s how Eazy got a lot of competition. More than 60 providers rent rooms in downtown Dar es Salaam at the same price level as Eazy with his exceptional hostel. As a result, only few guests come and the project, which has been running so well, threatens to fail.

Gavy beim Frühstück
Gavy Mjema having breakfast

Now during our stay with Eazy we have looked for new possibilities to secure his livelihood and that of his son.
It has to be said that many other people have also benefited from the Eazy project and still do. These include traders, craftsmen, transporters and water sellers. Women offer traditional food and milk in Eazy’s hostel in the morning, craftsmen have built the house, the Banda and the traditional guest house, Bajaji drivers, taxi drivers and motorbike taxis benefit from guests arriving and departing and the water dealer comes by daily to fill up the water tank. Another person who is very happy to work on Eazy`s Place is Thomas, an 18 year old Tanzanian, whom Eazy took in.

Thomas und Eazy färben Batikstoffe
Thomas and Eazy are dying Batik fabrics

The new idea is to build a small shop where Eazy can sell food and drink to the people in the neighborhood. This won’t make a big profit, but together with the money from the accommodation of the few guests, who will certainly come in the future, will be all right. Other additional income for Eazy is the sale of his batik fabrics and the breeding of chickens, pigeons and dogs. All this together can be enough to keep Eazy, Gavy (Eazy’s six-year-old son) and Thomas alive.

Unfortunately, Eazy has now also contracted an inguinal hernia that urgently needs surgery. Due to a lack of money – of course there is no health insurance in Tanzania – he postpones the operation again and again, which leads to severe pain. In addition, it is not justifiable from a medical point of view to delay the operation any longer.

Eazy`s Place - Neubau Shop
The new shop is being built

As any reader can easily imagine, financial resources are needed to help Eazy. Bernd and I have already financed a large part of the new shop, but the money is not enough. Funds are still needed for the roof, the shelves and for a refrigerator. And the surgery also has to be paid for. Therefore we ask everyone who reads this article to make a donation to the Eazy project.
Please do not let this unique help to self-help project, which has so far proven itself so well, fail.
Please donate to Bernd Riebe via Paypal (info@bild-art.de)
Every little donation helps!

Website Eazy’s Place

Text and Photos: © Xenia Marita Riebe – Deutsche Version

Gavy Mjema, Eazys Sohn 2018
Auf Eazy`s Place – April 2018

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Eazy’s distress. I would like to make a donation but for inter-european transfer an address is required. Could you add the address to the post or send it in a message. Thank you!

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