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The European Greens – Swedish Forest Fires -(C) Copernicus EMS

Here I would like to draw your attention to current information on the subject of climate change. This is primarily about climate-relevant data such as temperature anomalies, greenhouse gas emissions, sea ice expansion, glacier melting, sea level rise, reports on special weather extremes and phenomena such as El Nino should be mentioned.

September 2019

Arctic sea ice extend again at record low level

arctic sea ice

Arctic sea ice extent –

The Arctic ice surface has reached its annual minimum. One of the lowest expansions since records began has been recorded. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean reached its annual minimum in September. Despite the warm summer in the Arctic it was not enough for a new record minimum. At the beginning of September, slightly less than 4 million square kilometres were covered with more than 15 percent sea ice. Nevertheless, this is one of the lowest values since the start of measurements. It was interesting this summer that the sea ice had large gaps even in the immediate vicinity of the poles. Since the air above the water could warm up a little more, even thunderstorms formed in August.

August 2019

July 2019

Record-breaking temperatures for June

Summer has barely begun, but temperature records are already being broken. Data released today show that the European-average temperature for June 2019 was higher than for any other June on record. Average temperatures were more than 2°C above normal and it has become the hottest June ever recorded.
Although not as persistent as that of summer 2018, this short heat wave, caused by a mass of hot air coming from the Sahara Desert, was intense. The five days of unusually high temperatures followed days with record-breaking temperatures further east in Europe. This led to the month as a whole being around 1°C above the previous record for June, set in 1999, and about 1°C higher than expected from the trend in recent decades.

June 2019 temperatures

Average June temperatures (°C) for Europe (top) and globally (bottom) from 1979 to 2019, shown as differences from long-term average values for 1981 to 2010. June 2019 is highlighted. Data source: ERA5 (credit: ECMWF, Copernicus Climate Change Service).

Read more: Copernicus Climate Change Service

June 2019

Heat Wave in India


Times of India

Steep Rises in CO2 for Seventh Year

Latest data shows steep rises in CO2 for seventh year – The Guardian. 04 June 2019


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