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Reisen, Filmen, Schreiben.. sind so die für mich wichtigsten Nebenbeschäftigungen

W.B.Yeats – The Wild Swans at Coole – Review

The Gregorys of Coole were known in Ireland as excellent landlords, in England as distinguished public servants. An eighteenth century ancester had gained a large fortune in the East India Company, which enabled him to cuktivate his Galway property in

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Winter in the Shetland Islands

The North Atlantic – stormy seas, snow showers at any time of the year, cool to bitterly cold, clear, clean air, far away from the hectic pace of big cities and the noise and smog of the metropolitan areas of

Antarctica – Meeting the Penguins

Some time ago in the southern summer I had the opportunity to visit some Antarctic research stations on board a Russian supply ship. Not far from the Argentinian station “Esperanza” off the Antarctic peninsula is Paulet Island, about 2 x

Three Humpback Whales approaching our Zodiak

Humpback whales are lonesome wanderers of the world’s oceans who travel thousands of kilometres in the course of a year, crossing the equator several times and then spend the summer months in the southern or northern hemisphere in polar waters. There

D. H. Lawrence – Sons and Lovers – An Introduction

David Herbert Lawrence was born, the fourth child of a miner, on 11 September 1885, at Eastwood, some eight miles north-west of Nottingham. Coal had been mined in the district for centuries, but until about forty years before Lawrence’s birth

Storm in the Drake Passage

Deutsche Version On a nice warm January day – it was summer in the southern hemisphere – I landed in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. The actual destination of my trip was about 1000km further south on the

Auf der Galerie – Kafkas viel gedeutete Parabel

Auf der Galerie – Franz Kafka 1920 Wenn irgendeine hinfällige, lungensüchtige Kunstreiterin in der Manege auf schwankendem Pferd vor einem unermüdlichen Publikum vom peitschenschwingenden erbarmungslosen Chef monatelang ohne Unterbrechung im Kreise rundum getrieben würde, auf dem Pferde schwirrend, Küsse werfend,

New Study: Sea Level Rise is accelerating

Mantoloking, New Jersey – Hurricane Sandy’s landfall 2012 affected the coastlines over a broad swath of mid-Atlantic and North-eastern states Sea Level Rise to reach almost one meter in 2100 The rate of global sea level rise has been accelerating

Kunstwerke von Xenia Marita Riebe in neuen Veröffentlichungen

Papier-Skulpturen in Broschüren und Schulbüchern Nachdem schon seit Jahren ein Gemälde der Künstlerin Xenia Marita Riebe im Lesebuch „Tintenklecks“ des Klett Verlags als Illustration für ein Gedicht verwendet wird, gibt es jetzt drei neue Abbildungen von Werken der Künstlerin. Das

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2017 third warmest year to date and fifth warmest November on record

The November temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.35°F above the 20th century average of 55.2°F. This value tied with 2016 as the fifth highest for November in the 1880-2017 record. November 2017 marks the 41st consecutive November